Why a Luxury Villa Stay is the Best Upscale Vacation for You

March 29, 2020
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Why a Luxury Villa Stay is the Best Upscale Vacation for You

A luxury holiday used to be a marker of opulence, a vacation that only a few people can afford. It usually meant staying in a gilded hotel room with elaborately carved furniture, large paintings on the walls and satin sheets on the bed. In the past, a luxury holiday was about the kind of extravagance that an ordinary traveler would never encounter in daily life. In many places, this is still true. There are still venues that are strange and luxurious to the point of being impossible for everyday vacationers to afford.

However, there are destinations today that are appealing to both laidback and discerning travelers. Luxury vacation villas provide this kind of relaxed but high-quality hospitality. This is an alternative to staying in a hotel, especially for people who enjoy the sights of nature and the comforts of a well-appointed room. These places are usually built in a beautiful location and are the favorite stop of honeymooners and people on an extended break.

Why choose a luxury villa? Here are a few reasons why you should:

Villas are more private

The largest draw for luxury villas is privacy. You can follow your own schedule and take a dip in your private pool at whatever time of the day. Since some places only have less than 50 guests at a time, you can spend entire stretches of the day without encountering another person. This is the perfect place to unwind and reset, especially if you live a hectic life in the city.

Another benefit of staying in villas is that you have much more space. A hotel room, in the end, is still just a bedroom. Unless you are staying in a suite, you are confined to just your area. In contrast, a villa can come with more than one bedroom, an anteroom, a kitchen, bath and a common area.

With a luxury villa, your accommodations often open out into nature, giving you an expanse you would not even have back home. Add to this the fact that villas keep their guests away from each other, and staying in the place looks and feels different from being billeted at a hotel.

They’re cozier than hotels

In general, staying in a villa gives you a much more welcoming atmosphere than staying in a hotel. Also, despite being upscale destinations, staying at villas cost far less than staying at hotels. Some places allow weekly rental, with parties paying per day instead of per person, which is the norm for hotels.

Despite being tagged ‘luxury,’ most of these places feel cozier than hotels. The poshest ones seem like amped-up versions of vacation homes. This type of atmosphere helps you get in the mood to relax as soon as you arrive in your room, something that might not happen when you stay at a more traditional establishment.

The staff can focus on your individual needs

Luxury villas and traditional hotels are similar in that they have well-trained staff. However, villas are able to fulfill particular requests from vacationers, simply because there are so few people to whom they must attend. It is common to have a personal butler during your stay at a villa, who can source your entertainment options, make suggestions for activities, and request for dishes from the kitchen.

What’s more, some villas have staff who make it a point to remember the preferences of priority or repeat customers. This makes your stay truly personalized and enjoyable.


A luxury villa is a good place to spend an extended trip. You won’t go wrong with a place that gives you the privacy, care, and discretion you need when recharging.

If you are looking for a villa in Phuket, it is best to stay in Villa Royale. Our 42 suites offer privacy, comfort and the stunning views of Kata Noi. If you enjoy modern comforts while taking in the lush tropical environment of Phuket, book a stay with us. Contact us today to learn more!

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