3 Reasons to Choose Holiday Villas in Phuket Thailand

February 24, 2020
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Phuket is the largest island of Thailand, making it a world-renowned gem that is famous for its plethora of pristine beaches, electric nightlife, stunning temples, and urban sprawl in between the horticultural beauty. With plenty of attractions and activities to do at every corner, it’s virtually impossible to get bored on the colorful island of Phuket.

In between the beach strolls, watersport adventures, and jungle explorations, Phuket also features one of the best accommodations where tourists can find a relaxing haven after spending a fun-filled day of excursions.

Speaking of which, private villas are the go-to choice as it offers a slice of paradise within the comfort and convenience of a modern space. Beachfront views and private facilities aim to provide a luxurious yet authentic experience for vacationers of all ages.

Here’s why you should give it a try for your next getaway plans:

Benefit #1: A Luxurious Place to Unwind

Seeing as there is a wealth of attraction sights and activities to do in Phuket, it’s no surprise how every day is filled with must-travel spots and can’t-miss tours. Hopping from one town to the next can be tiring, so private villas like Mom Tri’s Villa Royale offer an oasis where vacationers can settle in for the evening and find the ultimate comfort.

Most private villas in Phuket also provide a home away from home vibe, but the additions of private swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa treatments, and entertainment rooms create an indulgent environment where anyone can unwind from head-to-toe.

Benefit #2: The Perfect Start and End to Adventure

Phuket is a perennial favorite as it combines nature-driven adventure with relaxation, especially when staying at a boutique, private villa that can offer both spectrums of pleasure. Some of the go-to tourist activities on and off the sun-soaked island include jungle treks,quad-biking, bungee jumping, snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving among the list.

With that in mind, a private villa serves as the perfect, idyllic base to start and end a day filled with sightseeing, leisurely shopping, and hopping from one adventure to the next. The best part is that tourists can coordinate with the villa manager for itinerary recommendations and transport plans for a smooth-sailing experience from dusk until dawn.

After all, the villa staff knows the hidden gems and popular attraction sights like the back of their hand, allowing you to explore all of what Phuket has to offer.

Benefit #3: Offers Bespoke and Personalized Services

Most private villas in Phuket welcome guests with a complete staff of managers, housekeepers, and maintenance teams, all of which are ready to elevate your experience. You can push the luxurious feel to the next level by hiring extra services such as a personal chef or even a private masseuse.

This is the perfect option for guests who want to take downtime in their plans. A private chef, for instance, can cook up a gastronomic adventure where you can splurge in local staples at the comforts of your room. You can also find your zen by making the most of Thai’s reputable spa treatments, especially after a tiring day of exploration.

The Bottom Line

Private villas in Phuket offer a unique experience on its own as it offers a haven for busy travelers. The range of facilities such as wellness spas, gym, cinema room, and even sports courses ensure there’s plenty to do wherever you go.

After hopping from one adventure to the next, going home to a luxurious yet heart-warming accommodation is sure to end your hectic day on a sweet note, making private villas in Phuket like the Mom Tri’s Villa Royale a place to experience the ultimate exclusive retreat.

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