3 Reasons Phuket Is The Perfect Island Destination in 2020

March 1, 2020
Mom Tri's Villa Royale

With more than 10 million visitors every single year, it’s clear that Phuket has established itself as one of the best beach destinations in the world.

In spite of the fact that it was unknown to almost everyone around the world (except for native Thais), Phuket has risen to become of the world’s most visited destinations today— but what exactly makes this relatively small island one of the world’s top holiday destinations?

If you’ve been looking to visit a dream island destination or simply can’t stop wondering as to how Phuket has become the tropical hotspot it is today, let’s look at a few reasons behind its massive success:

The beaches of Phuket themselves are unlike anything else in the world

Now, if it wasn’t obvious enough, one of the biggest reasons Phuket is the best island destination to right now lies in the sheer beauty that its own beaches possess.

As opposed to other beaches in the world that easily crumble and degrade under the sheer pressure of mass tourism, Phuket’s shores continue to stay as serene as ever. (in spite of record-breaking tourist rates!) Thanks to the proper maintenance, strict rules, and initiative of Phuket’s own locals to keep everything as clean as can be, the island’s beaches are still very much of showcasing the pinnacle of natural beauty.

Aside from a general effort from the locals and the right rules in place, however, Phuket’s own beaches continue to keep their place as some of the world’s best because they avoid urban developments as much as possible. By keeping urban upgrades to an absolute minimum (or none at all!), Phuket manages to lock its shores frozen in time and keep them looking heavenly


The island’s culture shows that there’s more to Phuket than just beaches

It may be known for its perfect white-sand beaches and crystal-clear aquamarine waters, but Phuket has also made itself into a must-visit destination because of how standout its culture is.

Widely regarded for its gentleness, politeness, and capability to make any tourist feel much more welcome than anywhere else, Phuket’s own culture is a peak example of how far humanity can come. Phuket maintains its friendly, approachable, and intriguing culture with ease thanks to the fact that the teachings of Buddhism run deep within Thai culture as a whole and stitch themselves into the way people interact with one another.

Instead of having to worry about all forms of stress going on back home or in any other destination, a trip to Phuket is guaranteed to set you at ease by gifting you with the smiles and hospitality of its own people!

Phuket’s beach hotels are top-notch at a bargain price

Unlike other destinations in the world where luxury comes at prices that can easily break the bank, Phuket houses some of the finest examples of hotels, resorts, and service with unbeatable rates. Given the fact that Phuket’s own culture is grounded in the belief of providing gracious service and upholding quality at all costs, its establishments are much more inclined to give a bargain than seize the opportunity to overcharge. For instance, Mom Tri’s Villa Royale provides guests with amazing service, unhampered views of the Andaman Sea, and a wealth of experiences for half the price a same-quality resort would have anywhere else!

Final words

In the span of a few decades, Phuket has come far to establish itself as one of the world’s most-visited destinations that provides unforgettable experiences for more than 10 million tourists every year— and for good reason. With its fantastic beaches, unmistakably-hospitable culture, and amazing luxurious hotels at low prices, it’s no secret that tourists have been coming back to Phuket for more! Looking for a private villa in Phuket? Book your stay with us today!

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